Dear family lettter


Write a letter to your future host family. Tell them as much as you can about yourself. This will help us to find you a family where you will feel at home. Please add a printed Word document if you can, that way you can also use a spell check.

Here are some topics you should cover:

-         A little about yourself

-         And your family/friends/pets,

-         Your hobbies and interests, any special skills, passions or talents that you have

-         Sports/Music

-         Your home/your town/your region,

-         What sort of work/study you do/have done,

-         All about your childcare experience (details about ages, duration and type of care),

-         Your plans for the future and details.

-         Your reasons for wanting to be an au pair in the UK.

An au pair can be as much a coach as a carer, especially with older children, so your hobbies, skills and talents are very important.

As a guide, write between 300 and 500 words.

Dear host family,